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Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, Give Me--- peace!

Sticky fingers' tangled hair, scattered crayons everywhere, Fancy artwork on the wall drawn by midgets three feet tall. Tell me why and tell me how, that was mine I want it now. Fix my bike I want some gum, if you have it I want some.Dirty faces grass stained knees learning words like 'pretty please'.Endless hugs and goofy wet kisses learning respect with Mr and Mrs. Scraped up hands from falling down. Tender tugs on my nightgown. Need more paper for Santa's letters, I wasn't bad but I've been better. Watching a movie again and again, mommy please play this one again. Messy fingers 'Hair gone wild' all in the life of a precious child.

I just LOVE my little rugrats! Even though my hair is turning grey and I'm not quit 30, I just want them to remember all the good times. And to do that we need to have more fun times. Chancey asked me yesterday why I had to be so grumpy all of the time.... It made me think, and want to try to do better. So lets go outside, even though it 101* and just make some memories and have some fun!


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

:) Cute poem. Dude... I found a grey hair... And I'm not even 26 yet... In less than a month I will be. But that's not the point! HAHA!

Summers Family said...

I feel your pain... although I haven't found any grey yet... I do feel like pulling it out quite often!