LOVE is spoken HERE!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes when you fall so far behind its just easier to stop, and then just start all over right from where you stand......... So here I go......Again.
So this little boy just started Kindergarten. I am so proud of him. He LOVES the social part of school and loves to tell his teacher how much he loves his new class. He has a perfect record of good behavior, and has gotten a sticker everyday for it. School wears him out, I have to find lots of stuff to do with him outside everyday, if he comes inside and sits down it is only a matter of minutes before he falls asleep. He LOVES riding the bus, this just might be the hilight of his 5th year. He is my little Huckleberry boy. I love him to pieces!

And as for my little cowgirl right here, we are having a hard time keeping her entertained with out her brother home. I can imagine her mom can get pretty boring. But with play dates scheduled and library visits we try to stay happy about it. Her favorite thing to do when her brother gets home is to take her turn riding Dan, and holding the brains by her self. She is quite the little boss of us all. She keeps a smile on my face with her active imagination and tight squeezes, your my favorite Girl Corryn! I love you!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dirty dishes prove I feed my family, full trashcans prove I clean up after their mess, messy floors prove that I let my child have fun, piles of clean laundry prove I keep my family in clean clothes, a wet bathroom proves that I bathe my child! So next time you walk into my house and see a mess, think twice before you judge!!!

I LOVE loveLOVE cleaning up messes I didn't make, Thats why I became a MOM! and I love every minute of it!

And you know that moment when you go pick up your kid from school and the teacher is walking over to you car holding your kids hand...... you know that nervous feeling you get in your gut? Just to have the Teacher whisper to you so the other moms can't hear, that she truely enjoys having your son in her class, and he just makes her smile every day!

What a relief that was for me:) I know he is a sweet boy, but that is just it, he is a BOY! some of the things that have come out of his mouth, it scares a mom to death!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, Give Me--- peace!

Sticky fingers' tangled hair, scattered crayons everywhere, Fancy artwork on the wall drawn by midgets three feet tall. Tell me why and tell me how, that was mine I want it now. Fix my bike I want some gum, if you have it I want some.Dirty faces grass stained knees learning words like 'pretty please'.Endless hugs and goofy wet kisses learning respect with Mr and Mrs. Scraped up hands from falling down. Tender tugs on my nightgown. Need more paper for Santa's letters, I wasn't bad but I've been better. Watching a movie again and again, mommy please play this one again. Messy fingers 'Hair gone wild' all in the life of a precious child.

I just LOVE my little rugrats! Even though my hair is turning grey and I'm not quit 30, I just want them to remember all the good times. And to do that we need to have more fun times. Chancey asked me yesterday why I had to be so grumpy all of the time.... It made me think, and want to try to do better. So lets go outside, even though it 101* and just make some memories and have some fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fair time!

I am again thanking my mom for all the things she has done for us kids! MAJOR props go to her for doing fair EVERY year, with ALL of us kids, I honestly don't know how she doesn't have more gray hair than she does. I shared a doTERRA booth with Katie Hawkins and foolishly brought my kids along, she did not, what a smart friend I have. I don't think Chancey was with in my reach for two whole days, and when Corryn was near me she was begging someone to take her away. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family, My mom would take the kids with her on the errands that she had to do and my dad kept Chancey in eye shot, for the most part. We only had to use the sheriff dpt. only once...... no worries he was safe, we found him taking a tour of the ambulance and asking the poor EMT about 10,000 questions a min. All in all it was a good weekend, we got done what we went down there for. I am finally home and had one of the best showers I ever taken, I have raided the freezer for some emergency chocolate and my bed is calling my name...... I have no plans of entering my children in a county fair any time soon and deffinately never going by myself again!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lovin' it!

I LOVE it when my daughter reminds the Bishop of why he should not give me another calling that I can not bring her with me to. And this time I didn't have to clean up the throw up because they could not find me!

I also love that no matter how many times we practice going around the barrels the "right" way (opposed to the wrong way) Chancey still does what he wants and goes the "wrong"way, but his flag performance was priceless, the moment he grabed the flag and started racing up the arena, he help that flag as high as he could and let his hat fly off his head. Good job athe the Jr. Rodeo Chancey I sure do LOVE you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Got to GO!

Some times when you are out shopping with your kids nature calls on you, with out knocking on the door she just barges in. And having a 4yo in the bathroom stall with you is NEVER a good idea, but what do you do.

First of all I would like to thank CMT for teaching my son the words to "shake it for me girl", which is the song Chancey decided to sing while he was waiting for mom to be done.

Next I would like to thank Corryn for having to be rewared for going poop in the toilet at home and mom having to make such big deal out of it so she will keep going in the toilet........ So when mom was done, Chancey chimes in say "Good job mom, do you get a treat now" in his mommy voice, and clapping at the same time. Along with Corryn holding her nose saying :oh you stinky mommy P U!" thats when you hurry up to try to wash your hads as quick as you can and get away from the bathroom as fast as you can....... after both kids wash thier hands and when I am done drying them off to turn around to dry them again because they wash them again..... After that you just want to leave and come back by yourself when daddy gets home! I NEED A PEPSI!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am pretty sure my paranoia is taking control of me right now.... I know moms are suppose to worry about everything when it comes to kids, but I am usually pretty laid back on some of the things my kids do....... I don't care if the jump off the couch, if they get hurt and cry I ask if they learned the lesson, no blood no loves from mommy. But since we have been potty training, Corryn hasn't had a diaper on for about 4 weeks now, so I have been pretty well informed of what is coming "out" of her. most days we go with no accidents at all, and some days they are not accidents, they are on purpose, out of spite because I didn't let her have something she wanted "stinker". So today we went to the lunch room and I decided to take her to go before we went in and she peed and peed, and after lunch we need to go to walmart and before we went in I let her go again before we went in, and she again went alot. I just thought to myself she probably had too much to drink today. While we were in walmart I had to ask an associat to clean up a "spill" not once but 3 times!! we were only in there for 35 min. and when we got home she had fallen asleep in the car, and when she woke up from her nap, she had wet again? So me being paranoid I checked her sugar and it was 130. Freaked out a bit because it was so close to the pre diabetes number which is 145. Called the doctor and he assured me that everything was fine and because it is so hot right now, and little kids can't sweat as much as they need too, they just eliminate more fluid through the urine. Everything is FINE! I just have to keep reminding myself this!